Help! Am I pregnant?

For the past couple of months, I have been feeling so different. My husband and I having been TTC. The first month I thought I was pregnant so I took a test bc my period was late came up ng. So I waited for my period, didn't show up until a week later than normal which doesn't usually happen, but I accepted it. Still feeling different and having strange symptoms such as tiredness, cramping, eating more, craving things I've never eaten or liked before, peeing more often, bad heartburn etc. So I didn't know what was going on, well onto this month period late again by more than a week another pregnancy test neg again. Finally get my period, but every time I've gotten this "period", it isn't normal, I bleed less & then really heavy & then it's over. Still have the same symptoms and they've gotten worse. My stomach is starting to poke out and harden.

I am a heavier girl, but my stomach never looks or feels like this. This was taken last night.

This picture was taken about a little less than a month before the other. I feel like I'm crazy, please help! I think I'm going to make an appointment, I just don't want to go there and they think I'm losing it. If anyone has any similar experiences or advice please share! Thank you!