Am I overreacting ?

I have a 15 month old. My mom and her boyfriend watched him overnight for the entire weekend first time ever (I have never left him overnight with anyone). Obviously I was nervous about it, my mom has only had him a few hours here and there. Her last “baby experience” was with me (30 years ago). I wrote a schedule for him with what he eats when and naps, etc. I wrote “whole milk” and she returned the list along with our son at the end of the weekend and reported back she gave him only chocolate milk. And when I wrote “water” she crossed that it and put “flavored water only”. She also gave him an entire piece of pie. Then she said she couldn’t find the toothbrush (which I packed) so he went the entire weekend with all the sugar and not once were his teeth brushed. She also didn’t put him to bed until 10, when I specifically said he goes to bed by 8 every single night.

I’m pregnant again so maybe I’m overacting but I feel very upset about all this.

Would this bother you? I realize it was just one weekend, and it won’t kill him. I honesty think she thinks this is all cute, but to me, this is just blatant disrespect of my instructions and just upsetting to me. I’m not a sugar freak by any means, BUT HE’S A BABY not a child. My doctor doesn’t even want him having juice right now and my mom just overloaded him with sugar slop all weekend. I appreciate the help, but I’m just upset. What would you do?