Weekly visits starting now


So I saw the OB today and had a BPP ultrasound done. Little Miss Evie passed with flying colors. She’s doing everything she should for 31 weeks. She’s measuring a little ahead possibly due to the gestational diabetes, but my doctor is not concerned. However, it was mentioned that my placenta was starting to age a little, so she wants me to have ultrasounds weekly to keep an eye on it. Blood pressure was awesome, but given I delivered my son at 33 weeks and preeclampsia can come on at any time, I am supposed to start taking a daily baby aspirin just as a precaution. My blood glucose levels have been a little wonky. Not off the charts, but weird enough for me to ask questions, and my doctor agreed that the up and down of my numbers were a concern, so I will also be starting 2mg of insulin as soon as I can get in to see the diabetic counselor. I also get to take Zantac twice a day to keep away the horrible heartburn I have had. In spite of all these changes, I am grateful that my doctor is watching me so closely and really pays attention to my questions and concerns. This pregnancy has been much less stressful than my first, and I am looking forward to a full term healthy baby girl.