Huggies Diapers...


Has anyone been having an issue with hard clumps in their diapers? I have purchased 3 boxes of size 3 diapers and all of them have had this issue!

I’m guessing its the stuff that is used to soak the urine and turn into gel. It seem as though they’ve clumped together and formed sharp & rough edges along the tops of the diapers in front and back. Plus some feel like cardboard with the same lumps through out the diaper!

I called huggies and reported it. They refunded me for one box and I sent the diapers in to their quality control. I was told that for the other 2 boxes of diapers that I’d have to show proof of purchase, the boxes they came in and then they’d only consider a refund 😑

So with over 60$ spent on diapers I’ve had very few good ones to use.

Has any one else has this problem? They told me I was the first to call and report this issue 🤷🏼‍♀️

It’s happens for both the little smugglers (Winnie the Pooh) and the ones with Mickey Mouse.

Side note: I purchased them for walmart and meijers and store them in a dry room at 68-70 degrees F.