My little girl is 12 weeks now and has been a amazing sleeper since the beginning. She now sleeps from 8/9pm wakes up to eat around 3/4am and then is up at 7am. She currently sleeps in her own crib swaddled in a swaddle blanket, but I know that when she starts to roll over she has to start sleeping unswaddled. The few times we have poorly swaddled her and has broke out, she will sleep poorly. I was wondering if anyone has any tips on transitioning their baby out of a swaddle? I tried sleep sacks in the beginning but she hated the two I got (love to dream & swaddle me). She wants her arms free when she eats or she fights. Then when we tried putting her in it after eating she would wake up and not want to fall asleep at night. Shes close to rolling over so I thought it would be best to transition her now but I don't know how without messing up her sleep.