Dude problem

Ok sooo.... me and this guy (let’s call him K) were childhood friends. We were like THE BESTEST of friends. We would often hang out together and all. But I would admit we used to do some dirty things (but not that dirty). We were just curious children at the time. So one day after couple of years (approximately 3/4 years later) he confessed to me. But it was in front of my cousin and I felt awkward and so I told him I only liked him as a friend and ran out the room. After that we rarely talked. It’s like we just grew apart cause things got awkward between us. But I had feelings for him and still do and it’s been like what 8 years? I know it’s too long. So recently I started to make small conversation with him trying to get back in touch. One day I was like to the hell with it and asked him do you still like me? But then he was like uhhh this is awkward. However I was thankful it was the beginning of April and was like haha April fools I got you right? Now whenever I would see him at like gatherings or whatever I would always see him staring at me. But I am afraid to ask him. We do talk a bit now but idk it’s like yeah remember when this happened and when that happened. He was my first kiss too. Ugh I am just rambling now.

What should I do? Do you think he likes me?