Pcos and endo didn't win!


My wife and i have been trying for a year now with at home insemination doctor told us it wasnt going to happen and referred us to a specialist. I told him we were gonna try one more cycle and here it is our bfp!

I have pcos and endo I really thought it just wasn't going to happen I cried and got upset month after month of bfns. 4 rounds of Clomid didn't help. My periods were becoming lighter and lighter all I could think was pcos was winning. So the doctor put me on metformin and told us to wait for 2 months until I was back on track and then go to the specialist. After 2 months they were back on track so we did our one last try at home and here we are its so hard to believe that pcos and endo didnt win I did! I overcame it so ladies its possible! My heart goes out to all the ladies that are still trying u will get ur bfp so don't give up!