My husband

Is driving me fuckin crazy.

I’m in a mood today, I’m 24 weeks, I have a yeast infection, I have my glucose test this Wednesday, my dog is being a jerk.

He calls me up to tell me the hockey equipment online is 50 bucks and brand new and the guy doesn’t use it Bc he’s married and has a kid...

Mind you my husband has money saving issues, every week he is in the negatives. We have a kid on the way, we have purchased nothing yet!

But yet he gets mad at me telling me I’m controlling, like no just stop being so selfish! Start thinking about me and our baby boy! It’s always been about him, things he wants.

He had to buy this shot gun! He haddd to buy these hockey sticks! Guess where they’ve been sitting! In the closet!!!!!

I want a lot of things, I want maternity clothes instead of wearing his big shirts, i want a new purse Bc I’ve been using mine for the last 3 years, I want new sneakers Bc well mine barely fit me, I want a pregnancy pillow, I want a patio set so I can sit outside, I want things too! But guess what i know we have a baby on the way!

I’m just stressed out and sick of looking like the bad guy. Idk what to do, should I just say screw it keep spending your money keep buying unnecessary things that just take up room and when the baby comes I can just be like I told you so? Not how I wanted it to be but at this point I give up.

Update: he took an hour to get home from work thought it was weird, he blamed it on traffic when I asked him about it. He was sitting in letgo when he came home I asked to see this hockey equipment. He goes oh I deleted the messages... than finally admits I bought it. I just walked out of there and went to the bedroom and started crying. I’m so done being disrespected.