Should I call or wait it out?


Clearly I know I should call the doctor if I’m really concerned, but I wanted to get opinions from you all before.... I’m 37 weeks today, dr checked my cervix 3 days ago and I was just 1cm. I spotted a little after the exam which I knew is common. I started losing my mucus plug the day after and still had brown discharge every time I used the bathroom. The day after that even more of my mucus plug came out and then today I still have a decent amount of brown creamy discharge and plug pieces coming out... now I’ve been crampy and having a lot of lower back pain and pressure since my cervix check but no consistent contractions or unbearable pain. This is normal right? Nothing to freak out and call about? I didn’t lose my plug with my first pregnancy or have any discharge like this so it’s new to me this time around lol and I’m also the girl that doesn’t want to call and be brushed off if it’s no big deal 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️