Helpful advice.. I’m desperate!

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My husband and I have been married for a little over a year and I’m considering a divorce. I’m 3 months pregnant as well so this should be a happy time but I’m just so stressed 😩. Together we have 3 children from previous relationships I have 2 sons 11 and 7 and he has a daughter age 5. It’s like at this point we always favor our biological child(ren) which I’m guilty of. I can’t even say I love his daughter... and that bothers me. I do not have a bond with her because her mother never lets her come over. Maybe once a month. But rewind a few months and it’s all my fault according to the mother. She and I have never seen eye to eye and always get into it and posts such horrible things about me on social media...

But when I retaliate or text back she brings it to the judge when my husband goes for visitations and overnights with his daughter. She makes everything just a nightmare!! And I’m not happy at this point in my marriage. Now her daughter who I once was beginning to bond with is sucked into this madness.. and is coached to disrespect me. Calling me things like “boo his mama twat” pegging me off.. and this last Christmas <a href="">Eve</a> she came over to open up her presents. Now my husband does not believe in spending a ton of money on Christmas where I have always gone above and beyond for my children so I bought his daughter a TON of presents. Long story short she opens the resents and gets upset about a teaset, I try to calm her down and she slaps me across the face!

I then put her in the corner which she refused..My husband at the time went out to the store. So he returns I tell him what happened and she’s crying hysterically and wants to call her mom so he called her and she’s telling her mom that I hit her and to call the cops on me!! The mom comes grabs her daughter and says she’s never coming over again(which at this point I could care less!) Now I tell my husband that he never sticks up for me or corrects his child for the blatant disrespect!

He says that he barely sees her and does not want to make her cry. Which I think is such bad parenting! Now here’s where I get upset... he is so hard on my sons it pisses me off. One time my son got upset and slammed his bedroom door my husband screamed at him at the top of his lungs. I immediately intervened! I brought my husband in the other room and told him that if he can’t discipline his daughter for her out of control behavior that I will not allow him to discipline my children at all! He then got mad and left. And every time he tries to correct my sons I intervene and tell him I got it and he gets really annoyed and starts cussing under his breath. It’s like he gets a joy at yelling at my boys yet his day on my eyes is a little brat that gets away with insanely bad behavior! I’m at the point where I don’t know if I can continue this marriage and with the baby on the way I don’t need all this tension. He wants to go back to court to get his daughter because her mother has blocked his number and refuses to let him see her. I however want no part of it. I told him to get visitations at his mothers house so it does not it a strain on our marriage. But at the same time I don’t want my husband sleeping out every week. But if he allows his daughter to behave that way towards me again I will do him. What do I do?! I’m so mixed with emotions rite now that I’m all over the place. There’s no rite answer 😭😭