I think my boyfriend lost interest in me because I deny him sex & head. Am I wrong or is he over reacting?


So we are seniors in high school so it’s not like we have the house to ourselves a lot. (I don’t have sex while people are in the house. I like to be alone so I don’t have to worry about being quiet or someone catching us) but he has a higher sex drive. I do admit that I never really have an urge for sex or any sexual fantasies. I’m sexually boring. Don’t get me wrong while in the act I don’t just lay there like a dead fish but I do seem to say “no” a lot. He always wants head & I do it sometimes but not all the time because I can never get anything in return because people are in the house.

I feel bad because I feel like I’m pussy depriving him but it’s never a good time. Like this weekend we went on vacation for the whole weekend plus had the house to ourselves when we got home but wasn’t in the mood to give him head & was on my period(& we had just got high so my mouth was dry).

Its taken a toll on our relationship. We never have anything to talk about. He always has an attitude which makes me have an attitude. He doesn’t pay attention to me. He barely hugs me anymore. If I hug him for too long he’ll push me away.

I was thinking maybe I should just give him a lot of head anywhere we are in private to make it up.

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