Which Pregnancy Test Is Best?

Tamara • Engaged to the love of my life • Trying for my beautiful rainbow 🌈

Hi! My names Tamara. Just a little background on why I’m asking this.

Back in December 2017 I had a miscarriage. Then in April 2018 I had a HUGE cyst removed from my right ovary. I believe I got pregnant sometime in May 2018 (I had no period that month) but I’ve been getting all negatives.

My period is now 16 days late and I’m just wondering which test is the most sensitive? (And before you say I just may not be pregnant, I know that. I’m just trying to see if I were/am which test would be he best to prove it)

I always hear on here that pink dye tests (FRER to be specific) are the best. Well more recently I’ve seen many more women complaining about First Response tests, saying that they’re not sensitive and done pick up pregnancy until you’re weeks and weeks along.

So, I ask you ladies. Which test gave you your BFP? How far along were you? Did you test in the AM or PM? Which tests have you heard we’re the most sensitive? Let’s talk!