Opinions (only 17)


Okay so yeah I'm 17 and I'm not necessarily trying to get pregnant but I'm preventing it either. My last period was around April 22 and haven't gotten a period for May or even June so far. Around the time I was supposed to get my period last month I got cramps but my period never came. Yesterday I took this pregnancy test I got for a dollar at the dollar store and it came back negative. I only waited a minute or two then threw it away (idk if I'm supposed to wait longer) Also everytime I have sex with my boyfriend it's unprotected and we used the pull out method and he's only came in me by accident about twice. Should I try and make a doctors appointment or what's your best advice? (side note: if I were to be pregnant, my boyfriend is 19 years old with a good job, out of school, a apartment, working on a car, and I work also)