is he hiding something?


so guys a little back ground I've been with my man for 6 years and 2 months, lately for the past like yr in a half he hasn't posted squat about me like that on fb.... no cute picture's, just comments on my stuff i post about him, or us.... now about a year ago we broke up after one of our really good friends passed away, which was for the best but only for a wk or so and i stayed at one of my girls house. ever since then I feel like he never post about me. now ik i might sound a bit petty but his response is i dont need to post about you.... or I'm never on fb.... yet he be active 3 mins ago... or i look over and he's scrolling thru His news feed.... like okay you are on fb just as much as I am granted he works from 8-5 most days. he works on cars. so it's about how much work he gets done in a day is how he's paid. he sees no rush in getting married, or having kid's.... he's24 im 22. I've been with him since i was 16 and he was 17 turning 18. I just don't get it.... we've been thru hell and back together. I got pregnant in 2014 and we decided it was best that we not keep it... we didn't want to raise a child in the horrible situation we were in no job no car , living with his mom and his brother who was HORRIBLE he was rude and would treat hia mother like shit and did drugs and drank 24/7 so yes i did what was best for my child.... and fast forward... 2017 in jan still same situation yet this time I was ready and he wasn't... we fought so bad during this time, turned out he was talking a girl he worked with... for months.... after I found out about her I was so selfish and made the same decision and went thru another abortion.... it tore me to pieces. i honestly lost myself during that time.... and we've joked abiut kids and getting married now that life is better for us. we're doing better and happy, no b.s both have jobs and a car and bills are always paid..... I just feel like maybe after everything he just doesn't want to be with me... yet i might just be struggling so damn much with depression and anxiety that its in my head. any negitive comments will be removed. nothing i went through was easy and doesn't need any negitive b.s from anyone.