The process


Ok guys soooo I’m in the process of seeing some one who can help me have a kid . They’re going to check my tubes to see if anything is blocking them. If so they say the surgery would be 16 thousand dollars but will be 40 percent off i think 🤔 . Uhhhh I’m afraid that it’s something blocking my tubes for now . But at this moment i am taking prenatal vitamins . I pray that it some what helps with what ever situations that’s going on . It’s very scary and very stressful. It’s exciting but very very very scary at the same time . Smh i just pray that in the end that I’m able to have babies . Because I’m 24 with no kids . N i just pray that every thing fall in place . But for now all i can do is hAve faith .... but if I’m not able it’ll be heart broken..... I’m soo stressed out