I'm annoyed.

Shout out to my baby daddy who has literally wanted nothing to do with my or our unborn child. He wanted me to get an abortion I said no way. Then he was like let's be civil and do 50/50. I was like oh so you want me to leave our kid with you when you have spent four months of this pregnancy calling me every name in the book and treating me like crap and insisting that a baby is not a living thing until it is out and born? So now you want the kid that you really don't want? No way! You start being a father when the woman is pregnant. I've made it almost 6 months without him why should he start being involved Now? Since I told him I was pregnant he hasn't seen me or called me. It is all through text. I said make an effort. I've told him about upcoming doctors appointments but he is always too busy with work. I was like wow it's crazy how much time you had when we were fucking but now I'm pregnant and you're all of a sudden so busy. The last straw for me was this past week. I've had this ultrasound booked for almost a month. I told him and reminded him. He didn't really comment on it. The night before I asked are you coming since you've never been to any of my doctors appointments. He said no because he had to help his ex move into her new place. I literally laughed so hard. Because she has four brothers and a dad and a boyfriend but he has to help her move right. I've washed my hands of him completely. Got a new number and I'm moving the end of next weekend (my parents have a condo that they're loaning me). But I made sure to create a new Instagram account and send a DM to his ex, his mom (who by the way he won't tell her I exist because I'm black) , and his sister who probably don't even know I'm pregnant. I sent them a picture of my 22 week ultrasound and said you don't know me but I'm pregnant with BLANKS child and can't wait to meet you all (I'm being sarcastic of course but I'm sure he's going nuts right now trying to contact me. LOL