Anyone else?

Amy β€’ 24, England. Mama to 3 amazing beautiful babes. George; 10|07|15. Di/Di Twin girls; Amelia & Isobel. Born at 35w+5d - 29|08|18 πŸ’•πŸ’™βœ¨

I've just been feeling so weird.

I'm currently 23w+6d with Di/Di twin girls. I get to see them later on today at my first growth scan and I always get a bit nervous before a scan anyway. So it really could just be something as simple as that!

Anyway, yesterday was a very busy day for me, very busy. I was walking and on my feet most of the day & had to do some lifting and a lot of bending. I know I did too much yesterday and I could feel it, I didn't really stop until 11pm and even when I did fall asleep it wasn't a deep or proper sleep. I didn't eat great at all either, I honestly didn't really eat till about 7-8pm & I'm not sure I've drank very much either throughout the day. You know those days where you're so busy you kinda' just forget until you stop and realise you haven't done certain things? I've also been to the toilet (number two) at least 5 times. I usually go once or twice. It's 4:20am now and I've just been tossing and turning all night long, my sciatica (I get during pregnancy) is playing up and making my back uncomfortable to lay on either side & I 've now been woken up properly due to a thigh cramp - never had one before & my god did it hurt! I'm also feeling super achy just all over and so weak and so nauseous. I think I'm feeling sick because when I got back into bed after my 26,627 toilet trip I drank a lot of apple juice! But I've got a little belly ache & I know I'm gonna be going for another number two toilet trip before/if I do fall back to sleep!

I haven't really felt pregnant up to now, just been plodding along and enjoying no symptoms. But yesterday/tonight I feel SO pregnant. Maybe it's just that? Maybe because I've had no symptoms and now I'm feeling some maybe that's why I'm like "omg this is weird" & "what's happening" but I almost just had a panic attack because it's the middle of the night & I just can't sleep because I'm worrying so badly. I just feel so on edge that something isn't right or something is going on. I don't know why I feel like this at all. I'm always telling people to just ask their midwife or consultant when they're worried about anything but I just feel like I'm moaning about normal pregnancy symptoms lol - The only thing keeping me sane is knowing I'm seeing my girls tomorrow & my consultant, so I know it's not long until I can let someone know how I'm feeling. But until later on today I'm just wondering if anyone else can relate & just reassure me all is ok or at least normal lol. You wouldn't think this is my second pregnancy but it's my first with twins and I literally feel like I've never been pregnant before some days because it's SO different to my first!

Thank you in advance to anyone who's read my short story over here & replies, I appreciate it! ☺️