Should I breastfeed to 1 year?

I'm a SAHM with an EBF 7 month old. I originally planned to only breastfeed to 4 months. Now, it's gotten so easy I kind of want to continue it to his first birthday! I haven't discussed it with my SO yet but I think he will be apprehensive and think that that's "too old" for him to be breastfed (I completely disagree, but I know that he will likely feel that way). Aside from that the only thing stopping me is that I would like to restart my anti depressant meds I took prior to pregnancy. However, I have very few "bad" days so I can certainly cope without them.

My son also bedshares with just me and I would be uncomfortable with that after I wean because we follow the Sleep Safe Seven.

I know this is a very personal decision, but I'd love some opinions and advice.