60 Day Cycle BFP BBT Chart...


I thought I would share my BBT chart as it is of a BFP chart. It also features an implantation dip at 9dpo and it's triphasic. Hopefully it will help others, as I was forever searching bbt bfp, also if you're having a long cycle don't give up hope of ovulating!

Symptoms in the TWW: hot flushes, nausea 12&13 dpo, sore boobs, headaches and bloated. I tested today at 14dpo and got my bfp. I was hopeful with my dip and second temp rise, but it was still surreal to see 2 lines appear on the test, you start to think the second line is just a myth! Fingers crossed all goes well for the next 9 months. Baby dust to everyone still on this emotional rollercoaster.