My 3 year old niece refused to say goodbye


Yesterday, my niece refused to say goodbye to me when I was getting ready to go home. My sister asked why and she said "I don't like her".

This took me by surprise because we had fun all day, playing together and I helped her change her outfit several times (she's big on dressup!) I asked if I did something wrong. "You put my dress on backwards." ...earlier, while helping her change into her new Elsa dress, I had it backwards at first, but turned it around for her. She laughed and called me a silly goose and we went about our day.

I said, that was an accident, but I fix it and said I was sorry. My sister said we all make mistakes, and that's not something to be mad at. She asked my niece to say goodbye, or at least wave goodbye and she again refused. She told my sister, "She was very mean to me." And started trying to come up with examples of how I was mean, but couldn't.

My sister asked if she didn't want to say goodbye because she didn't want me to leave, and she said yes. .. my heart broke.

I told her I would visit again soon, and if she missed me before my next visit, she could tell her mommy and they could call me or video chat. I asked if she wanted to video chat tomorrow and she said yes, and was all smiles, walked me to the door with her mom, brother and sister, and they all said goodbye.

Living 4 hours away from my sister and her family has never been so hard.