Pregnant?? TMI


I've only seriously dated transgender men and cis women before, but the guy I'm currently dating is cis, so it's a completely different ball game (pun not intended) for me. We're using a condom each time, and I'm waiting for my parent's new insurance to come in to make an appointment to go on birth control, but I'm kind of nervous that I'm pregnant already because I've never been with a cis guy before and I'm a day late with no signs of my period starting (I usually get the brownish stuff a bit before and a bit after my period. However, I'm also having hella mood swings like I sometimes do with PMS??? Idk. I'm probably just freaking out for no reason, but I don't really know what to do?? I technically could go to my mom about it, and she'd be pretty understanding, but I don't want to say anything and risk having my period come the next day because I was dumb. At what point do I start panicking??