Do you count your baby’s kicks after 28 weeks?

Mermaid Momma 🧜🏻‍♀️ • Wifey 💑 Mama of two 💞

My doctor wanted me to start counting kicks from 28 weeks (I’m 28+3 now). I need to feel 10 kicks in one hour at least per day.

I have an anterior placenta that sits right in front and I didn’t feel real movement until around 23 weeks, I’m feeling more movement now but it’s stressing me out! She said even if I feel 9 kicks instead of the required 10 kicks that I need to go into labor & delivery to be monitored.

I’m in a few pregnancy groups and a bunch of women are telling me that kick counts are outdated and unnecessary???? I’m going to follow what my doctor says but what’s everyone’s opinion on here?