HPT confused


Hi I had a faint positive test on Thursday when I was a few days late and then I took a digital 1 on Saturday which was a yes. (As pictured) I didn't take a picute of the negative result I got today.

I tried taking 1 more line test (same as the 2 I used on Thursday) and it came out negative. I held my pee for about 3 hrs before taking it.

I was wondering if the other 2 tests for a false positive or a held it in the stream wrong.

My period is 8 days late. So I am confused at this point lol

I am hoping it's not 1 of those rare cases where there was too much protein in my urine or something.

I am new to all of this so I'm sorry if I sound dumb.

I am going to the dr tomorrow afternoon for the dr urine test but I just wanted to make sure it was still a positive.