Late AF and BFN WTF

Kira • TTC 1st for 15mons and I finally had my BFP!

Hey Ladies,

So I’m desperate for anyone who has gone through something similar right now! AF is now 5 days late, and Glow has been able to predict for the last year to the day. So this is unusual for me because I’m very regular. I am now 15dpo as well. I’ve taken a few tests and all a BFN. I have none of my usual symptoms associated with my AF coming, and only feel more tired, and a slight dull pull or strain feeling that comes and goes, and have to pee a lot. So not super clear pregnancy symptom either. Basically I’m hoping that someone else has a success story of missing a period and getting a positive test after negatives more then 15dpo. I’ve been TTC for 7 months now, so my hear I is breaking a little with this uncertainty.