Grandma is in Town

So my husband and I are ttc our second child. And haven’t had any luck yet. So this weekend is ovulation time so I was hoping to have sometime alone. we can send the two-year-old son of ours to grandmas house and just spend some time his grandma doesn’t live very far from us so we get spoiled all the time with grandma time.

We have decided to just stay home. Since I think that going on a weekend get away would be to stressful and we may miss the perfect time to ya know make a baby. So I’ve been super excited for the weekend.

Today my husband calls me while at work and says “hey my grandma is coming to town and wants to go to Nevada to some casinos and gamble a little for the weekend”

Ok the real story is we just went in may to this place and that’s why may didn’t bring anything. But we left grandma out of the group because we didn’t want to take her then so she doesn’t know that less than a month ago we had already went there.

So now once again my husband of course wants to go instead of planning for another child. Another problem is his family is really close to each other so one motel room. I love his family like my own so I really don’t want to not go but I also want this weekend to be special. And my MIL is a smart lady so She would figure something is up if we don’t go. Last time I didn’t drink any alcohol since there was a chance I was prego so I’m sure she already is thinks no something is happening lol and I would love to be able to give her another grand baby but first we need to talk grandma out of going this weekend.