Subchronic Hematoma with IVF


Stuggling to stay positive. After 15 months of infertility from Endo and 5 failed round of <a href="">IUI</a>, my husband and I decided to do

<a href="">IVF</a>

. We did a Frozen Transfer and received a Positive! šŸŽŠ

Last week at 5w5d I started to bled bright red. I went to the Fertility doc and they said I have a large SCH and the sac and yolk sac look good. I only bleed for a few hours and had brown spotting after that.

I went for a follow up Sono today and the SCH has gotten bigger and our little babe was only measuring at 5w6d but I am 6w5d. The doc wants me to come back in a week and told me he is concerned about the Subchronic Hematoma and that the babe is measuring behind. My husband and I both felt like we have already lost the baby with how they were talking to us. I'm scared but trying to hang on to hope. sorry for the long post, anyone have this and have a positive outcome?? Thank you ladies!


Baby is still measuring a week behind but we heard a heart beat today of 150. The clot is very large and still there. So more waiting for us, doctor said we aren't out of the woods yet. Another scan in 2 weeks.