Feeling Pressured to Go Paddleboarding While Pregnant


We have a team outing scheduled at my work and everyone wants to go paddleboarding. Problem is I live in Texas and it’s around 95-100 degrees outside. I really can’t be outside for longer than an hour in that kind of weather.

The problem is that I’m on a relatively small team and they all want me to come. I feel like my boss put me in a shitty situation when I asked if we could go in the morning.

He said that it’s a buzzkill to go to a team outing in the morning and than have to come back to work in the afternoon. And he also scoffed when I asked about going in the morning and said it wouldn’t be too hot because there’s water. (People don’t swim where we’re going paddleboarding, because there’s a lot of debri at the bottom of the river).

Honestly I don’t even want to go if it’s not something inside, or if I don’t have access to air conditioning. There’s no shade on this river. I offered to sit out if everyone wants to go paddleboarding but my boss is insisting I go. So now I feel like the team asshole for being the “pregnant one”.

Edit: thanks for responses ya’ll! Just sent a message to the team saying I’ll sit this one out if they go paddle boarding, but happy to join if they do something w access to AC! Funny thing is that my team of women is happy to switch it up, my stupid boss is the only one who wanted to do an outdoorsy afternoon outing so we can all drink together (hint, none of us want to drink w you bro). Bye Felicia!