Preeclampsia affected my birth plan

My birth story didn’t go AT ALL how i planned it would... lets start from the beginning!

I had scheduled my 34 week appointment for Thursday, May 31, 2018 (on this day i was 34w 5d).... this doctors appointment was alittle different because the hospital i was originally giving birth at was closing their Labor and Delivery department so I needed to find a new doc and hospital in a matter of weeks! Anyways! I had my appointment scheduled for 1:00 pm.. i went in did a sonogram, they took measurements of my baby boy, then we took vitals. Docs seemed very concerned with my vitals so they had me do a urine test. About 1 hr later the doc I was meeting for the first time (who btw was AMAZING) sat me down and diagnosed me as Preeclamptic and that i was being admitted and they were going to induce me that night....

They started me on this weird pill that goes on my cervix and they gave me a total of 3 doses of this with pitocin in my IV... after A LONG TIME of cramping and minimal dilation of my cervix.. they bursted my water on Sunday, June 3, 2018 at 1:38 a.m..... after bursting my water they gave me another dose of pitocin and at this point it was just a waiting game for me to dilate... I was in pain for about 8 hours when i finally asked for my epidural! After that i managed to get some sleep when around 11 am they came in to check my dilation.. to the docs surprise in a span of 11 hours i had BARELY dilated 2 cm.... at this point we were worried about baby boy and they explained how a C-section would be beneficial.. I told them go forward with it to keep my baby safe.... about 30 minutes later my husband was in his surgical outfit and i had my “party hat” on and we were going to have this baby!

I was terrified, crying, shaking, emotional... this was not the experience i was expecting... I wanted to do a medicated vaginal birth with my mother and my husband present... but i suppose everything happens for a reason..

And so at 1:20 pm on Sunday, June 3, 2018, I gave birth to my son, Damien Isaac Reed. He was born at 35 weeks exactly, weighing in at 5lbs 10.3ozs, and 18 inches long. He has hazel eyes, black hair, and it the most beautiful thing i have ever set my eyes on... and even though its not the birth i had anticipated.... i wouldnt dare change a thing because my son is perfect, my husbands was an amazing coach, and my family is complete!