My poor baby brother😂

Ok, so last night we let my baby brother know he was going to be an uncle. We all thought little man would be super excited like he was when he found out he was gonna have another baby cousin. Not. The. Case.He broke down in tears because, "I have to grow a BEARD to be a real uncle!!" Sobbing the whole damn time. Turns out kiddo was under the impression that to be an uncle, one must first possess a beard. ALL of his uncles have full beards on both sides of the family. I don't know why he decided that them having beards meant all uncles need to have a beard, but he decided it. Put 2 and 2 together and ended up with beard shampoo😂😂 So now, instead of an excited future uncle, I have a very confused kid with no clue how he is going to grow a beard in the next 9 months. Felt the need to share because I can't get over how hilarious and cute this is 😂😂😂😂😂