34 weeks and moody AF


I am 34 weeks and moody af! Everything is annoying me. I want to cry, I want to scream. I’ve been feeling ok recently as well! Only had mood swings in the very beginning. I think it’s because I feel so useless! I have 3 beautiful kids already and I get frustrated that I can’t run around the house like I used to! I’m a neat freak and not being able to bend down to pick up something because it hurts too much is hard ☹️ my hips hurt and my vagina feels like it’s been kicked and punched! I admire those who love being pregnant and sail through their pregnancy but for me being pregnant is hard work! Give me labour over and over again just to skip this part 😂 you try to talk to people about it and everyone says the same “not much longer now” and although in my rational head I know it’s not much longer to me at times it feels like a lifetime away! Not to mention the comments like “have you not had that baby yet?” “You look like you’re about to pop” “are you sure there’s only one in there?” I know people mean well but please don’t ask a pregnant woman why she is still pregnant! Specially if you don’t even know her due date!

Can I just sleep these last weeks away and wake up in labour? Sorry 😐