Miami Fling!

So this past week I went on a girls trip to Miami and I was so ready to go party my life away! Like hello, it’s Miami. My girls and I got all dolled up, looking like some shaacks and we hit the club.

So before actually getting to the club we went to pregame at like another club, started drinking and I was just getting ready to get lit af. After we got done drinking a limo picked us up (it’s part of a package thing) so we get on the limo and we are aware that another group of people will be joining us. We see about 10 guys coming in and we’re like “fuck, is this heaven?” So anyways there was this one guy who caught my attention. He was the one talking the most and he seemed like a good time. We get to the club and he offers to buy us a drink and of course we’re like “uh yes” we go on the dance floor cause by this point I already think I’m Beyoncé

This guys joins my friends and I and we’re all having a great time. So out of no where he pulls me towards him and we start grinding all up on each othaaa and it felt so right. I’m going to fast forward the story a bit but point is that we were together all night long and I had never had so much fun dancing with a guy before like we could go from grinding to making some silly ass moves and laughing our asses off.

I went home with him (please don’t judge 😭) but before anything sexual happened we talked and laughed and I felt so comfortable around him like I had known him for years. When it came down to sex.... GOSH! It was BOMB.COM

He is the sweetest/nicest guy ever yet he fucks like a porn star and is rough, just how I like it! He chocked me, spanked my ass, pulled my hair, talked dirty to me. So yeah this homegirl was totally in Lala land with that D game he had

After that we were inseparable. We hanged out for the next 3 days we were there and the connection just got stronger and stronger. I don’t know how to swim and I’m kinda terrified of the ocean but he wanted me to go with him and I did. We got in the water, I had my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck and we were floating, making out and out of nowhere it starts raining. We still stayed there and idk about you but to me that seemed like something I see on romantic ass movies so I’m like OOOKUUR!

Sunday came around and we had to say goodbye. I seriously didn’t think it was going to be hard to say goodbye since I don’t really get attached easily. But FUCK! As soon as I left his place I missed him so much! Like I just wanted to go back and hug him again. It’s now Tuesday and we have been texting non stop and talking to each other on the phone. I feel so silly to think things could actually work out between us because he lives in Texas and I live in California. He is just so sweet/cute/ funny... the list can go on lol

I feel so weird thinking about how everything happened. I mean what are the chances that I actually met him while we were both on vacation?

What do you guys think? Should I let it go and move on? Or see what happens?

Please help!