Over this


I’m over being pregnant. I’m about to try castor oil I’m so over it. I have greatly enjoyed this pregnancy, much more than my first, and I know there’s women who struggle to get pregnant and would tel me how incredibly selfish I am. But I am so freaking stressed and uncomfortable and pretty sure I haven’t actually slept in like 3 days. I have zero signs of labor, I’ve been stuck at 1 cm for 3 weeks, and now my husband is getting an attitude that this baby isn’t here because god forbid he has to go to work. He tells me I’m not doing enough to try to get her here....I have done everything expect castor oil!!!!! I’ve eaten pineapples, dates, spicy food, walking, dancing, sex, squats, yoga ball, pumping. What else can I do??? His attitude is what is stressing me out! I had contractions yesterday 8 min apart that fizzled out, and he got excited then pissed when they stopped. He’s really getting on my nerves and I’m starting to resent him and his rude attitude. He thinks I’m home all day doing absolutely nothing, but my 4 year old is done school and is keeping me on my feet moving. I’m just done.