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Alex • ♡Shyla Rose 7.29.07♡Liam Sawyer 4.11.20♡ Due 10.3.21

Hi guys. so it's been 5 days since we found out that we lost our baby @ 11 weeks. I'm still waiting to miscarry.

Dr. prescribed 2 meds - korlym & misoprostyl (cytocec). the korlym is a special order med and that's the one I have to take first (figures)..I'm still waiting for the call back from the pharmacy to have that one sent to me. Have any of you had to use these 2 prescription meds to help move the baby along? What has your experience been? Does insurance cover it?

The waiting with my baby inside me is the hardest part:( In the mean time I bought some black cohosh supplements and vitamin c. Any tips on using these would be much appreciated. I feel completely lost right now. Today is my boyfriends first day back to work since we got the news so I'm home alone and cant get out of my head...

I am in the process of updating all my profiles in all my <a href="">baby apps</a> (so that I stop getting notified that my baby is the size of a _______ and X amount of weeks till I meet baby😔) and was wondering...when listing a date for your loss do you put when you found out, the date that the Dr said the baby was measuring, or the day the baby leaves your body? I only found out 3 days after it happened because I just knew something wasn't right but I still want to be accurate...

One last question...for those of you who already announced your and when did you announce your MC? We told our parents but I cant seem to post anything on social media. I feel like a failure in my own skin😞

Sorry for all the questions. I am still trying to figure out how I'm gonna go on with my day to day life...I just dont wanna leave my house or even get out of bed.

(I attached the last picture of my baby. In this picture he/she is already gone...resting in my womb before going up to heaven. It really looks like he/she has their hands together praying in this photo and that has helped me find closure🙏🏼)

Maybe I'm weird for asking for this photo but the only other photo we have was at 6 weeks and baby was just a little embryo. I heard my babys heart beat almost every night and talked to him/her daily so I felt like I already knew my little bean. And I most certainly was already his/her mother so I simply wanted one last photo of my baby♡ Would you do

the same?