Finally pregnant!

Heather • Mom of three! 😍

So my husband and I were visiting my family this weekend and my sister and her family came over too since we haven’t seen each other for a very long time! While we were there, my 3 year old niece asked me if I was pregnant too, like her mommy and I said no but she said that I look like it. Of course you don’t take offense of a 3 year olds opinion. My brother asked me if I was expecting too and then I started to feel self conscious about my body. We got him Sunday and I’ve been having some cramps, mostly when I have to pee really bad. So I woke up this morning (Tuesday) and took a test just to see even though I don’t start until Thursday. It was Positive! :) we are having a baby!!! After 3 years and 1 miscarriage, we are pregnant! By little 3 year old is going to be ecstatic!! How should I announce this to my husband and family?