Besties new man doesn’t treat her right

My friends new man doesn’t treat her right. He takes her for granted and ignores her frequently. He never compliments her and is never affectionate. He never makes ANY effort. He’s never even taken her on a date. He’s 10 years older than her, and although she’s very mature and he is a nice guy just not a good boyfriend, I think he might be taking advantage of her relative inexperience. He’s got a kid with someone else and keeps telling her he’s no good for her and can’t really commit to her and all this bullshit. She thinks she loves him, but he obviously doesn’t love her, he definitely doesn’t act like it. I want to support her and I want her to be happy, I just don’t think she has a chance of happiness with him. It’s just so frustrating watching it unfold because I can’t do anything. Just needed to vent 😤

How have you ladies dealt with a similar situation?