I’m married but lonely

Some things in this post may not make sense or some of u may not agree with the “theories” but just try and understand it from my POV based on my situation please.

My husband & I had gone vegan 1) bc we wanted to , and 2) to see if the feeling of more happiness, an open mind, and a “lighter” feeling were all real. Once we went back to eatin meat we felt the low feeling we didn’t know we had until we saw the difference. I can say that he was much sweeter, loving and caring when we were vegans however I just want him to stop making excuses and just treat me how I treat him. It’s not hard but I feel like bc I have real love there, it doesn’t matter meat no meat, money no money, car no car— I’m still gonna love him unconditionally. Basically I feel alone bc all he ever does is blame his short comings on me. He blames it on not being vegan anymore and wants me to stick it out with him until we’re supposed to move t Fl together. My thing is: I want him strong enough that it doesn’t take being vegan to make me feel loved. I show him I can do it but now it’s different bc of my genetic make up (being a woman) and how we’re wired stronger and different. I just don’t want excuses. I just want him to try. I suggested meditation like I used for myself but “that won’t work for me. I don’t need that.” Is al he says. Well I want him to do something. I’m not gonna deal with the blaming on solely nutrition. Idk what else to do.