Finally happy with my body


I have always struggled with accepting my body. I graduated high school in 2015. I was with the same person from my freshmen year of high school until about a year after I graduated.. it was the most abusive relationship I have ever been in. He would call me names all the time.. he would tell me I’m fat, not good enough, the reason why he cheated was because of my weight.. all things I started to believe. He put me in a really dark place. I struggled with anxiety and depression (still cope with it) now In 2018 I’m as confident as I ever been! I LOVE my body! And im been with someone for almost two years who appreciates me & what I look like. He makes me feel beautiful every single. Ladies make sure you love yourself before you can love someone else! It makes things to much better! And if you are with someone that does nothing but bring you down... get help and get out of that relationship 😌