My husbands family..

Ashley • 02/09/18 Matteo, 01/24/19 Sage

My husbands family and I have had problems before. While I was pregnant with my son they all wanted a paternity test and believed our son wasn’t his. We both agreed not to, because we had not reason to get the paternity test. His father and his fiancé would talk to my husband about me behind my back, saying I’m shallow and that I wanted to trap him (we weren’t married at the time), they told him I was hiding things and it put a wedge between my husband and I. As soon as my son was born they stopped, all they wanted was to meet him and hold him. I was reluctant because of the pain they had caused me and waited for them to hold him because my son was born with a broken clavicle. Fast forward to now, my son is 4 months old and I’m making steps to include them more, I let them hold him recently when we went down to see them and I sent them pictures of him. I found out today that he was posting about my son without my permission. I’m very strict about anyone posting my son because the internet is a dangerous place. I contacted my husbands father and asked him in the nicest way possible to please take down the picture, and I explained to him that it’s for his safety and for my peace of mind, that I am this way with everyone. As usual he made a scene, he stated that it’s his right to be a proud grandfather and asked why he couldn’t post, he said “well what are you hiding”. Personally I took that harsh because of the history. I got upset and asked if he was serious. Anyway he told me “you’re way out of line little girl”, Called me a brat and told me that he feels bad for my son that he is stuck with me. My husband is very close to his family, and lately it’s been causing a lot of issues because they never fail to talk to my husband about me behind my back. I honestly don’t know how to handle it all. This all had been going on for 2 years and it’s making every relationship toxic.