Relationship Advice

so about a two weeks ago my fiance and I got in a really bad fight, he told me he wanted to take a break without actually breaking up (having boundaries I guess) so i said okay hoping it would help if we realized how much it sucked being apart but during our break he said some hurtful things, he acted like he hated everything about me. he told me to go start talking to another dude cause he didnt want to deal with me, that if i wasn't home on my days off it wouldn't bother him, that coming home became some sort of requirement, he was hanging out with his friends till probably two in the morning then coming home (which is whatever but it was annoying). there was a lot more that i could list but in general it was all hateful and hurt me a lot. he called me and apologized for being a a-hole and i forgave him but i just have this gut feelimg that something is being hidden in the relationship (every time I've had this feeling ive been right) he is more secretive i guess you could say especially about his phone (which hes never done) he gets phone calls and tell them hell talk to them in person, he always has his phone on him now and when i ask if i can use it real quick (cause i didnt have mine on me) he makes up excuses. i dont know if its just me being paranoid or what but its come to the point im just staying distant so i dont get hurt. Idk what to do. we dont talk much anylore either maybe three times a day. it seems like we are together but not really together. we just live together

p.s he has been nice since he apologized though.