🤔Boyfriend acting Suspicious..😢

Riah💞 • Married 💍 Boy Mommy to ☝🏽💙

So.. recently, me & my SO has been beefing a lot and I moved all my stuff out of his apartment. Two days ago, he states he going to the laundry mat... he comes back and As i am looking through the laundry I find a bra, panties, and a pair of leggings in there that isn’t mine.. immediately he goes to saying “ohhhh... that stuff must have gotten mixed in when i used the dryer” I eventually let that go..Cause that does happen sometimes .. then yesterday I went in the closet to find a big duffle bag full of women’s clothes.. he immediately says “ohh, my sister (who’s a stud) wanted me to pick up her and her girlfriend stuff, they got into a argument and she set it out on the porch”..... I didn’t believe this at all... I packed everything I had brought and headed for the door, but he wouldn’t let me leave... without calling his sister to “confirm” the bag. So I spend the night... then I said I’ll search again for something else... this time I found a blow dryer head under the bed, and A wet pair of jugging pants with underwear inside.. & then i call him and he starts laughing.. saying you found all the things i hid in the apartment that he planted for me to find.. he claims its a blow dryer within the clothes basket & a female jacket in. The closet...

I honestly don’t know what to believe, I need feedback 🤷🏽‍♀️