My Birth Story

Brittney • Hard worker, dedicated mom to two wonderful little boys 👦Grayson👶🏼Hunter! TTC baby #3

This is long over due and the pictures are graphic

My son Hunter was due March 24, 2018. Due to him flipping into the breech position at 38 weeks I need to have a repeat c section instead of my vbac. So we booked my c section for March 20th! Fast forward to the day, we arrived at the hospital and got all checked in. They placed my iv and then we waited til it was my turn. 4 hours passed (2 hours passed the time I was scheduled for) and I finally got called back. They get me on the table and get my spinal block started and wait for the freezing to set in. Fast forward 30 mins to me being completely frozen and they start the procedure. (Now let me note here at this point I’m just going off what i was told by my mom and the doctor.) the procedure was rough from the start. They cut me open and started to notice I was going in and out of conciseness! My blood pressure kept drop and I was barely responsive. Now they have baby out and are tending to him as well. They cut his cord and he went blue and limp. They started reviving him and finally after 5-10 mins they got him to squeak (not even a cry just a little squeak) he wasn’t breathing properly so he needed a cpap machine. So they rushed him to the nicu and took my mom with him so she wasn’t panicking about me. They started trying to stitch me up but couldn’t get the bleeding under control. Finally after me losing 800ml of blood they got it to stop and stitched me up. My blood pressure was stable but I was still really out of it. At this point I still hadn’t seen baby at all. So now it was time to move me to recovery. I demanded to be taken to see my baby so they wheeled me to the nicu so i could see him. Now fast forward 10 hours later I finally got to hold my little boy for the first time. He stayed in the nicu 2 days. Before being moved to my room.

Hunter Christopher Thomas Reid

Born March 20, 2018 at 12:23pm.

Weighing 9lbs 2ozs 21 3/4 inches long