Ovulating? I want a baby boy 🤞🏼


I did the clear blue ovulation test today and the smiley face was on which it's suppose to detect the 2 most fertile days. But when I put the digital reader photo onto this <a href="https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.glow.android">glow app</a> it said negative. And that my ovulation day will be in 3 days. What should I believe the ovulation test or this app? Also I'm on day 10. Don't want to miss my most fertile day (peak of ovulation). Says day 15 will be my peak. We have a baby girl that's 2 and would love to complete our family with a healthy baby boy. We also have 10 girls all together between mine and my husbands family. We need a boy to mix it up.