TTC baby #1

RJ 👼👼

So I went to the doctor back in March because I was having some pain on my right side in my pelvic area ,and I just knew something was wrong. I went to the doctor and I got a vaginal ultrasound and low and behold I had a little cyst on my right ovary. The doctor prescribed me some birth control and it sat on my dresser for a month. March 3 was the last time I saw AF so I went back to the doctor and told her I really want to have a child and she told me first let’s get your cycles regulated then we can go from there. I started back taking my pills May 7th and I have been doing good. My cycle came on at the end of the month stayed on 5 days still trying to remain positive. June 7th I made my 2 months of being on birth control I have one more package of pills for the month of July.. Me and my fiancé have decided to start trying for baby number 1 in August or September or should I just wait until I have a normal cycle then start trying... I need some advice I’m excited and ready.. getting ready for baby Mcghee👶🏽