Amber & CO.

I don’t know y’all. I’m 37w6d and for the most part I’m feeling good. Besides the fact that my ass and hips are ALWAYS sore, I’m still mobile and getting around. I’ve just been reading these posts in the different groups and all I see is “how can I induce naturally” “how can I have baby earlier” “doc says I can be induced at 38w due to my back/leg/arm/eye/nail pain (generally any type of pain) Yay!” “Does the midwife brew work? I can’t deal with being pregnant anymore” We’ve become so spoiled that literally if you complain enough, docs will do whatever you want instead of actually practicing medicine and building trust. Instant gratification is so bad nowadays. What’s wrong with just waiting? Keeping yourself busy with hobbies or your other kids? Mommy groups? Anything other than trying to force your body to go into labor before it’s time. Childbirth is one of the great mysteries in life. We can’t enjoy it if we’re so rushed to make things happen when we want it to. Where’s the fun and excitement in that?