Shitty Men


I thought I finally met the man of my dreams in January. We finally met up February. Started dating not much longer after that. Things were moving fairly quick but it seemed so natural. We had a lot in common, finished one another sentences, had great talks, fun, sex was good but for some reason he wasn’t learning my body as quickly as I thought he would because of the connection. He wanted to marry me and prior to me he didn’t want kids, but stated because how great I am with my two kids he wanted one kid with me. Well when we met he had a roommate and they both owned a home together according to him. As we got closer he basically moved in with me but was paying bills at his home. I had to be out my home in 3 weeks due to an incident and he didn’t give me much security and wasn’t helping at all, even stop doing the small things after his car accident. I told him I needed help because I was taking on a lot and allowing my sis to stay a few months, I ended up taking care of 5 people. We had an argument one day and I told him and my sis that if she wasn’t going to listen and he was going to keep lying (he would complain about her behavior & when she ask if she being too much he would say no) that they both can leave and she can stay with him. He laughed and said idc I have somewhere to go. So the following week I decided to ask him to go home but wasn’t planning to break up. However he took it wrong. So we argued and he said some things to where i thought it was best to separate. When he came to get his things, we ended up fighting (which I whooped his ass) because he tried to take something he bought me as if he didn’t take enough. Two days later on Mother’s Day so found out I was pregnant. He knows and has ignored me every since. He won’t acknowledge me, the pregnancy, blocks anyone that says anything about it. I thought it was strange, so I did some digging and realized he was such a liar and trying to impress me. He does not own a house. He may pay rent to someone but he has no ownership as he claimed. The car he bought while we were together he claimed it was a 2015 like mine and he paid 225/mth. His actually payments were 552 and it was a 2013 Honda. He told me he went to college because I was in college. Unless he went for free(which i know he didn’t get scholarship) there’s no record of school loans etc. also he had a Twitter acct and posted me naked on there, referred to me as a bitch quit a few times while we were together. Long story short is I’m pregnant by a fraud. Idk what to do or how to feel. I was comfortable with my decision to break up with him but I can’t believe he would ignore me and the kid. I wouldn’t be surprise if he has kids lol. The craziest part is we actually planned this pregnancy. We purposely had sex on my most dominate ovulation date & it worked smh. I’m married but separated getting a divorce. He tried to get me pregnant for 3 yrs and nothing happened. So I was really surprised. My youngest child is about to be 10. I’m just annoyed. I’m currently 9 weeks pregnant. I’m moody, idk how to feel about being pregnant. I’m not mad but I’m not happy. I wanted to have my last baby by the man I was going to be with for life. I didn’t want to go through this alone. I just moved to NC 2 years ago so I barely know people and have no family here. Part of me just disappointed that I done shorted my kid out of a great father once again because of shitty men!