WHAT?! EWCM?!?!?!

Could this be it?! 
Could this really be it?! Oh I'm going to be so upset if it's not I feel so crazy!!! 
I'm 10dpo (I've been mentally 2 days off cause I wasn't counting from my 33%)  and I wake up every morning with a head ache and I'm feeling some slight cold symptoms. Tender nipples and I for the first time
Checked my CM (gross gag!!) and l.. You know. Stuck my finger. Up. There. And I didn't think anything would happen or come
Out cause I never do these things but egg white creamy cm was on my nail. Or under it. Super super gross I'm sorry guys!!!!!! BUT COULD THIS BE IT?! We ONLY baby danced on 8%  but I've also been taking prenatals and extra folic acid and I heard just now that folic acid makes the egg stick easier. Am I crazy guys?! PLEEEEse comment!!!!!