this is long but i REALLY need help

so, i lost my virginity on June 3rd. we were extremely careful, used a condom and he did not finish inside of me. i felt fine afterwards.

for the past few days i’ve been feeling extremely nauseous but i just attributed it to something unrelated.

a few days go by and my boyfriend fingered me a couple more times, one day even 3 times within one day. after the 3rd time that day i immediately felt pain in my vagina but after 10 minutes it went away. since that day i’ve felt extremely nauseous and an increased urge to pee. however, out of the many times i’ve gone to the bathroom i have only experienced burning once.

today i woke up with my boobs feeling extremely extremely sore and in pain. i am due to get my period in 9 days.

i’m not sure weather it’s PMS, a UTI, or pregnancy. i’ve been extremely anxious and stressed for the past week due to everything so i doubt that’s helping. but based on everything i said what do you guys think it is?

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