Preschool didn’t change nappy all day!


So my 2yr old son has been going to preschool for about 2 months, started noticing that he wasn’t drinking any of his water (they only allow water) so I’d give him flavoured water as they were certain that they refill the bottles throughout the day, with it being flavoured I knew that wasn’t the case, all of his lunch wouldn’t be opened for him so he’d come back with most of his food uneaten, then the day before half term I picked him up from his 9-3 session he had bitten someone and tried to bite 2 other children which is so out of character, he wouldn’t walk to the car, got him home changed his bum to discover a horrible red raw nappy rash that had little pin pricks of blood, I checked his nappy record which had no entries for that day, so when returning from half term I requested a meeting, I asked them to tell me who changed his nappy on Friday they said it should be in my report book which I said it wasn’t and it seems to me that his nappy hadn’t been changed all day and told her about the rash, she argued that he was fine before leaving and that a staff member had him on her knee bouncing around and he showed no signs of discomfort, went on to brag about her 30 years in child care and that they have a report locked away and couldn’t access it at this current time (we were sat in the preschool...odd as it’s something that comes out every time a nappy is changed 🤔) she said that I was being very accusative and it was upsetting, I remained calm as I hadn’t risen my voice or said anything horrible, she said that I was making the conversation hostile which I said I dont think I am at all and carried on to mention the water and the lunch box which she argued about also saying that it’s due to waste which I said I don’t care about waste I want his food opened every day wether he says he wants it opened or not as he’s two and says he doesn’t want things when he does! I said to her that I’m the one that should be upset and I don’t feel that I’m being hostile as she repeated the word again to me, I said that in the future if I have concerns I don’t want to feel like I can’t address them because I’ll be told that I’m being hostile when clearly just trying to have a conversation to resolve the issues and that I felt the matter was being taken personally rather than professionally she got defensive and said that she had dealt with it professionally and I went on to say that I was the one that should be upset not her, she abruptly stood up and said that she had to end the conversation and left the room, she completely avoided letting me see the nappy report which makes me concerned that he was left in his nappy all day, to me it seems like they just feel the nappy and judge whether it needs changing or not, it was 23 degrees Celsius on that day and I feel that because he didn’t drink all day he didn’t pee and they have neglected him by not changing his bum, do you think I was right to say why I did? Was she wrong to get upset and should she of let me seen the report? I have since messaged them requesting them to let me know when I can come and see the report, should I take this higher? I have heard from other mothers that nappy rash has happened to their little ones too caused by them!