The baby brain is strong


I'm super forgetful lately. the other day I wanted something stood up and couldn't remember. being pregnant I assumed it was food related so I went to the kitchen and stood staring into my refrigerator still unable to remember why I got up... untily husband came and was like: ◐.̃◐ "what are you looking for? " and it hit me: Σ( ° △ °) "MY PILLOW!" my poor husband lol.

today when I got home I took a nap after dropping my husband off to work. got in the car to pick him up and was like "damn my glasses are dirty, I can't see a thing!" go to push them up the bridge of my nose and hit myself in the face....i left them at home. FML this is gonna be a long pregnancy for me and all those who put up with me. pretty sure soon I'll have to be reminded what my name is