My sister dyed her hair my natural hair color

So all my life I’ve been told I look exactly like my mom. My little sister has always been told she looks like both me, our mom and her older brother (we’re half sisters and he’s her half brother on her dad’s side). She has been offended by this for years and last year got in to dying her hair over the summer to look different. Last year she Kool-Aid dyed it with my help. It was supposed to be purple but turned out red. This year she has a job and they only allow natural hair colors. Our mom was against her dying it in the first place but if she pays for it herself she’ll allow it. So anyways my 16 year old sister talked a friend’s mom into buying it for her and with my mom’s help she dyed it red. However it pretty much just darkened her hair and gave it a reddish tent. So the next day I was sitting in the sun and my mom just smiles and starts laughing a little before saying that my hair looks the same exact color as what my sister just dyed hers. We all have similar natural hair colors mine being the darkest because I have a red tent to mine while they don’t. My sister’s is the lightest. I just find it funny that she dyed it to my natural color. I’ve been thinking about dying mine lately as well but I want it to ether be actually red or actually blonde not the in between it normally is.

I’m on the left and my sister is on the right. Mama is in the middle.